Sports Injury Rehabilitation

What is Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

This treatment helps athletes to recover from pain and return to normal function. The treatment requires emphasis on early injury recognition and treatment. Rehabilitation helps stroke patients to relearn the skills that are lost when part of the brain is damaged. These skills include coordinating leg movements to walk and carrying out the steps involved in any complex activity.

What are the benefits?

For the discerning athlete, there is simply no comparison between general rehabilitation after an injury and rehabilitation after a sports-related injury. For one, their goals are different. Sport specific rehab goes beyond recovery. It focuses on the mechanics and forces of your sport to prepare you to play again with equal or even better performance than before.  When your body is used to the rigors of athletic activities, basic rehab just isn’t enough. You need an experienced sports physical therapist to get you back into prime condition to return to the sport you love. 

Benefits include:

What to expect?

An initial consultation will offer an in-depth interview and physical assessment to identify an appropriate diagnosis, any predisposing factors to injury and any other health related disorders. They will then use clinical reasoning to tailor a recovery plan to return you to optimum function and physical activity. You can expect your Sport Rehabilitator to integrate advice, education and rehabilitation into all aspects of your life. Sport Rehabilitators are trained to carefully record and protect all personal information, including sensitive information relevant to their condition as part of the treatment session.
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